Friday, February 17, 2006

Obtuse Meanings

I was online a little while ago and I came across a couple of very interesting photographs. After I'd looked at them for a little while, a deeper meaning became apparent in each photo and I wanted to share my thoughts on that.

My first picture
To some this picture just looks like a huge pile of videocassettes. To me it symbolizes the rapidly advancing technologies today. Today, VCR's are being replaced by DVD players and videocassettes replaced by DVD's. The VCR's recording function was all the rage when it was first introduced, but today it is becoming outdated and obsolete in a world in which DVR's are becoming much more common.

My second picture,

This picture is of a little girl with a cigarrette in her mouth and a beer can in her hand. This to me symbolizes how people are getting into drugs and alcohol at a much younger age. In today's society, more and more teenagers are getting into drugs, many more than in previous years.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Superbowl XL

This year's Superbowl has come and gone. How was it? I think it was great. Of course, it wasn't without its faults but was still a great game. The festivities held leading up to the Big Game (Mowtown winter blast, numerous concerts, etc.) were pulled off excellently. Okay enough about the pre-game festivities, how was the actual game? Other than a couple of very controversial calls, it was good. What calls am I talking about? Anyone who watched the game knows what I mean. FIRST: A controversial play involving supposed offensive "pass interference" by WR Darrell Jackson. In the end zone, Jackson looked like he pushed off his defender to change direction and make the catch. He did indeed stick his arm out and graze the defender but he didn't make enough contact to warrant the call. The defender complained about it to the referees and in comes the flag. I think he was just upset that he was scored on so easily. SECOND: A Ben Roethlisberger TD giving Pittsburgh a 7-3 lead. This touchdown never happened. Simple as that. Roethlisberger pulled a daring and clearly ineffectual move by trying to run the ball in himself on a third and goal play. He made it around and seeing no other way in, he dove. In the air, he crossed the line. Too bad it doesn't count in the air. On his way down he was hit by a Seahawks defender and pushed back some inches. He hit the ground. The ball was down, just inches away from the goal line. A second or two later, he pulled the ball out from under him and put it on the goal line, looking at the referee the entire time. The referee ruled it as a touchdown. The Seahawks coach called BS on the ruling and challenged the play. The play was reviewed. In the replays it was clear that he did NOT score that touchdown. Obviously the referees saw it differently. The ruling on the field stands. Seahawks fans around the world hang their heads in disgust. There are many more controversial plays that I don't feel like talking about right now but these are perhaps the biggest. Otherwise, it was a pretty good game. I think it was set up though. Jerome Bettis is back in his hometown, there has been talk about his possible retirement and he's playing in the Superbowl trying to win his first Championship. What a perfect way to end your career. I can't think of a more perfect way to end it. Maybe the referees were sitting together thinking, he's had such a great career, why don't we let him win this one and retire? Do I think the Steelers could've won without the referee's help? Yep, but that doesn't stop me from thinking this game was set up.