Friday, January 27, 2006

Entertainment. A Reflection of Popular Culture.

There have been several assumptions made in regards to entertainment as a whole. One of these assumptions is that it is a reflection of culture. This is entirely true. Forms of entertainment that may be popular in one culture are not as popular in another culture. In our culture, it is popular to For instance, in America, the sport of soccer is not nearly as popular as it is in say, Spain or certain regions of South America. Even the tastes in videogames differ from culture to culture. In another for instance, In Japan, First Person Shooters (my favorite videogame genre by the way) aren't very popular and here in the US they are some of the most popular videogames on the market.
I assume that entertainment is a reflection of popular culture because only those things that are popular to us sell well and keep us coming back. Soccer was never a really popular sport to Americans and thus, no one is tuning in to watch the big Soccer game on Sunday instead of Football. Football is popular in our culture and that's why it continues to thrive and merchandise related to it such as the Madden Football games fly off the shelves year after year.

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