Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fight Night Round 3

This game has taken over my life (okay it's not that bad but I'm really addicted to it). Before I picked up the retail game, I had downloaded the demo to my Xbox 360 and I couldn't stop playing it. It was that fun. Now that the game is out and I have it, the demo has been discarded like an old piece of trash. The game has not left my 360's disc tray since I bought it on Saturday. I am that addicted to it. As soon as i fired it up for the first time, the very first fight I played was perhaps the biggest rivalry in all of boxing. Ali versus Frazier. The first time I fought against Frazier as Ali I tried to overpower him. This was definitely the wrong approach to take and resulted in me getting knocked out at the beginning of the second round. The second time I learned from my mistakes and started fighting like "The Greatest". I moved around sticking him with quick combos and the occasional power punch and moving away before he could strike back. The fight ended much more favorably for me, a second round knockout. I'll be writing a review of this game soon.

Speaking of reviews, I write reviews of some of the games I've played on You can read these reviews at:

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Hakim said...

What I find most interesting about boxing and professional wrestling games is the necessity to create a fighter in order to unlock all of the hidden items. Have you created a boxer yet? Does he look like you? In Raw Vs. Smackdown 2006, my grappler looks like me in the most exaggerated sense, however, in some abstract way, the wrestler IS me. What I mean is, when I lose to Hulk Hogan I can say, "I got my butt kicked." or whatever and it is true in some way. Do you ever get that feeling? Do you feel as though these create-a-whatever features bring us closer to the games we play?