Monday, June 19, 2006

Time for another rant about HDTV's and stuff.

Before I get into the topic at hand, I want to let you guys know that I have posted a few more reviews. I have a new primary reviews site, as Gamespot is a bit more user friendly and I seem to be getting more feed back. I also have a secondary blog there. It has some stuff that I didn't really feel would fit into the theme of this blog (even though it's about gaming). The link is still in the "links" section as it always was.

Oh and by the way, The Miami Heat beat the Dallas Mavericks to win their third game in a row and put them one game away from winning the NBA Championships. Those games were so close. There was no way they should've lost. I'm hoping Dallas can win games Six and Seven and win the NBA championship (and of course, put an end to The Miami Heat's season).

Onto the topic, after seeing pics of Xbox 360 games on a High Definition TV in this message board, I can't wait any longer. This summer I will be picking up an HDTV for sure. Now it's only a matter of how early I can get the money.

Here are a few models I've been considering.



HDTV Three

As you can see, I'm not really interested in a huge screen. I don't want or need anything bigger than 32 inches at the moment and these fit the bill perfectly.

I plan on taking my Xbox 360 into a Best buy or Circuit City store to test out the different HDTV types to see which one works for me.

Personally, I'm leaning towards an LCD TV for the time being. before now, I was thinking about getting a CRT TV, which is generally cheaper and in some cases, have the best picture quality of all the HDTV types (Plasma, DLP, etc.) They don't get much bigger than 36 inches, but that wouldn't be a problem at all. Only problem is, CRT's are huge. The ones over 30 inches can weigh in at over 200 pounds. There's a whole bunch of technical reasons to pick one over the other but it's far too complicated to get into right now.

Too bad they're so expensive. 1000+ dollars isn't chump change, especially to me, with the rising gas prices and such. Gotta make sure my money is well spent.

I'll post more updates later as I close in on the HDTV of my choice.

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